Purpled is an American producer and illustrator known for mainly VOCALOID original songs, but does work with UTAU on occasion.

She voices and manages Ser0, and is one of the concept artists for some JAE VOCAL PROJECT characters.

Works[edit | edit source]

Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[sc][yt][bb][nn][bc] "Nijuujinkaku" (二重人格) Xiao Meihua November 28, 2015 video​
[sc][bc][yt][bb] "Ocean" Ser0 January 2, 2017 tuning
[yt][bb][sc] "Shatter" Ser0 January 1, 2020 lyrics, tuning, video
[yt][bb] "Will I Forgive You?" Ser0 January 9, 2020 lyrics, tuning, video
[yt][sc][bb] "Virtue Star Memorial" Ser0 January 24, 2020 lyrics, illustration, video
[yt][bb] "Gravity" Ser0 February 7, 2020 lyrics, tuning, UST, illustration​
[sc] "Broken Mechanics" JD December 6, 2020 SoundCloud illustration
[sc] "Chartreuse" JD December 8, 2020 producer
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