Mina.Ki, also known as Lyre and formerly as SlightyShredded, is an American producer known for mainly VOCALOID original songs, though does use Alter/Ego vocals as well. For UTAU, he makes covers and originals. He is part of the group 3GIB.

He voices and manages Canary, and is one of the concept artists for some JAE VOCAL PROJECT characters.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[sc][bc][yt][bb] "Ocean" Ser0 January 2, 2017 compose, arrange, mixing, video
[sc][yt][bc] "Abyssal" Pinku August 28, 2018 video
[sc] "Covetous" Peiton August 22, 2019 lyrics, UST
[sc] "Rails" Peiton, Canary December 25, 2019 music, lyrics, UST
[yt][bb][sc] "Shatter" Ser0 January 1, 2020 compose, arrange, mixing
[sc] "Spotlight" Peiton January 4, 2020 lyrics, vocal melody
[bb][yt][sc] "And I Fell" Xiao Meihua June 28, 2020 music, lyrics, mixing
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