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Image of "It's Not an Addiction, It's a Lifestyle"
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  • "It's Not an Addiction, It's a Lifestyle"
Uploaded July 14, 2015 with 2,000+ YouTube views
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This song has been featured on the album Circuit Breaker.


In a world made of fire
In a world full of sin
I am such a sick liar
I know I can't win
(Bright lights keeping me awake)

I keep walking as if that will save me some face
They're still talking so loudly in this awful place
(One more round I promise this time)

I'm face down on the floor
Yet I still want some more
Forty night have gone by,
I never made it out alive

Spinning circles in my head
The colors a blur
Here the king know me well,
But the queen is unsure
(I never care much anyway)

All I see anymore are shades of red and black
There are no windows here,
Can I find my way back?
(If I sleep now I've lost for good)

In a world made of fire
In a world full of sin
It doesn't matter how hard I try,
I just cannot win

(Forty nights, here I lie)

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