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Please copy and paste this code into the source editor when creating Producer Pages, or select it from the "Preload template" selection menu when editing a page:

<div class="producer-links">
==External links==
* Website: [<LINK> <SITE NAME>]
* Blog: [<LINK> <SITE NAME>]

* [<LINK> Niconico Video] ([<LINK> Mylist])
* [<LINK> YouTube]
* [<LINK> piapro]

{{links |p=yes
  |at     = <PAGE ID>
  |nico   = <PAGE ID>
  |vocadb = <PAGE ID>
  |tag    = <TAG NAME>

'''<PRODUCER>''' (<OTHER PRODUCER NAME(S)>) is a producer who makes original UTAU songs.

{| class="sortable producer-table"
|- class="vcolor-default"
! {{pwt head}}
| {{pwt row|タイトル}}
| {{pwt row|タイトル}}


External Links[]

This section should host official links of websites by the producer. Add or omit sections as they become relevant (e.g., if the producer has a blog but no twitter, keep the link to the blog and erase the line for the twitter link.) Any links to websites where to producer posts their work (e.g. YouTube, Pixiv) should be hosted under the "Media" section.

Unofficial Links[]

Most producers will not be listed on every site in the Unofficial Links section; if you can't find a page for a producer on the specified website, assume that it doesn't exist and leave the space after the equal sign blank in the source code for that line.

  • at is the link to the producer's entry in the UTAU Song Database. The page ID should be put here, not the whole link.
  • nico is the link to the producer's entry in Nico Nico Pedia. The page ID should be put here, not the whole link.
  • vocadb is the link to the producer's entry in the Vocaloid Database. Most producers will have a page here. The page ID should be put here, not the whole link.
  • tag is the link to the Nico Nico Douga tag some producers use to tag their works and others can use to tag derivative works (i.e., nakano4 tags their videos with ナカノは4番). Some producers may not do this, in which case, please leave this space blank.


While all producer descriptions should start with some variant of the example provided above, any notable information should be added to the description if and when it becomes available.


To add a song to the works section, simply add a new {{pwt row|タイトル}} row into the table and add the page title where タイトル is. So, for example, if you want to add a song called "Yellow" to the works section, the pwt row template would look like this: {{pwt row|Yellow}}.


Once everything is filled in, please add the following category to the page:


Be sure to also include any of the following relevant categories according to what roles the producer has assumed: