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  • "Acquaintance"
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I am amazing. I am unique. I am me.



The mirror shines, unused for years
I look at you looking at me
An unknown stranger in a dusty room
Familiarity so distant it's unreal

I look at your face, it has aged
Maturity beyond your years
I don't know how we are accqainted but,
incomprehendable feelings plague my whole mind

I look in the mirror and I know straight away that
I might not know you but you are me
and I hope to dear god that I am able to recognise myself
once more once more
that's all that I ask for
I want to scream and shout into the abyss
And the abyss to scream and shout back at me
I am me. You are me.
We are all the same person inside.
Our bodies can't disguise who we are

Don't let me stray away
Don't make me hide myself
I am a monster
I am uncontrollable
I am myself
I am amazing
I am unique
I am me

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