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Image of "黒塗り世界宛て書簡 (Kuronuri Sekai ate Shokan)"
Song title
  • "黒塗り世界宛て書簡"
  • Romaji: Kuronuri Sekai ate Shokan
  • Official English: Letter to the Black World
  • English: Letter to the Blacked-out World / Blacked-out Letter to the World[1]
Uploaded March 31, 2022 with 84,900+ Niconico views and 341,000+ YouTube views


I submitted this song to the Broadcast Health Committee, and made some amendments to it based on their guidance. [note 1]

"Kuronuri Sekai ate Shokan" is a song made by Frog96 featuring Kasane Teto. It is the producer's fourth UTAU song.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by 25239x)
■■■■■■も言えないこんな世の中じゃ ■■■■■■ mo ienai konna yo no naka ja If I have to be in a world that doesn't even let me say ■■■■■■[2]
■の盃を呷ったほうがマシだね ■ no sakazuki o aotta hou ga mashi da ne then I'd much rather gulp down a cup of ■[3]
そしてクオリアを持った■■■として蘇り soshite kuoria o motta ■■■ toshite yomigaeri And then I'd resurrect as a qualia-having ■■■[4]
■■切れなかった夜をくべる ■■ kirenakatta yoru o kuberu and throw this night that couldn't ■■ yet to the flames
451度じゃ燃やし尽くせない輝きを見たくて yonhyaku gojuu ichido ja moyashi tsukusenai kagayaki o mitakute Wanting to watch the never-ending radiance of the 451 °F flames,
アルファベットな僕ら綴るのさ言葉取り戻すため arufabetto na bokura tsuzuru no sa kotoba torimodosu tame we, made out of alphabets, write to get our words back!

星空の見えない地球発4時のニュース hoshizora no mienai chikyuuhatsu yoji nyuusu The 4 o'clock news from an Earth with no starry sky
ピークレベルを超えた脳の寄生を今祓う piiku reberu o koeta nou no kisei o ima harau now exorcise the brain parasites that exceeded the peak level
刹那■後 2週間■■■かけた身体が目を覚まし setsuna ■go nishuukan ■■■ kaketa karada ga me o samashi In a moment, the body that was ■■■ing for a fortnight after ■th[5] opened its eyes
液化したピアノと夜を明かす ekika shita piano to yoru o akasu and stayed up all night, along with a liquefied piano

黄泉に行ってなお生まれ変わり続ける言の霊に託して yomi ni itte nao umarekawari tsuzukeru koto no dama ni takushite Using the spirit of the words that come back after every trip to the underworld,
僕は叫ぶのさこの黒塗りの世界の裏各地へ boku wa sakebu no sa kono kuronuri no sekai no ura kakuchi e I scream to all of the other side[6] of this blacked-out world!

■ぬも■むも■■いも■くも愛す ■nu mo ■mu mo ■■i mo ■ku mo aisu I love ■ing, ■ing, ■■ing and ■ing[7]

■かれた■違いの■■の詩 ■kareta ■chigai no ■■ no uta A ■ed ins■[8] ■■ song

■■に■き■■され■った言葉を ■■ ni ■ki ■■sare■tta kotoba o with words that were ■ed to ■■■th[9] by ■■

■■った■れ者が■■してく ■■tta ■remono ga ■■shiteku Those ■■ed ■sses[10] are ■■ing,

■■以外■んで■■った■■溜めで ■■ igai ■nde■■tta ■■ tame de all ■ad and ■■ed in a cesspool of ■■, except for ■■

■■も■■も■■も伝えられなきゃ ■■ mo ■■ mo ■■ mo tsutaerarenakya I have to tell you ■■ and ■■ and ■■

■んでも■んでも■■切れないから ■ndemo ■ndemo ■■ kirenai kara Even if I ■, even if I ■, I can't ■■ like this[11], so

世界に送る黒塗りのラブレター sekai ni okuru kuronuri rabu retaa This is my blacked-out love letter to the world


  1. In the Japanese title, the adjective "Blacked-out" may apply to either "World" or "Letter".
  2. Every black square seems to represent a censored Japanese character. In this case, it seems to match いいたいこと, "the things I want to say".
  3. Could be 毒, "poison".
  4. This is very likely ゾンビ, "zombie", as in the philosophical zombie.
  5. Sounds like 死後, "after death".
  6. A reference to DJ OASIS' キ・キ・チ・ガ・イ (in English, "MIS·HEA·RING"). It's a political Japanese hip-hop song where the lyrics, as the title implies, write a different thing that sounds like what it's actually trying to convey. 裏各地へ (ura kakuchi e) is supposed to be 裏かく知恵 (urakaku chie), so the line would actually say "I scream the knowledge to outwit this blacked-out world!".
  7. The censoring from this part onwards is actually international morse code; every line represents a letter.
  8. I believe this is 気違い, "insane, mad".
  9. Seems to be 焼き殺され逝った, literally meaning "were murdered by being burned and passed away".
  10. Could be 痴れ者, "idiot, dumbass".
  11. Unlike the other censored parts, these actually slip an "S" sound before it gets beeped out entirely. They seem to be 死んでも死にきれない, an expression meaning that one can't die yet since they'd leave too many regrets behind. (That also means the censored word in ■■切れなかった夜をくべる is probably 死に切れなかった).
  1. Original:

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